Students in the classroom

Students in the classroom

Having had the first class being purely theoretical the second class had a more hands on approach. For this session we had a lab and so it was far much easier to demonstrate to the students what we were doing.
Abel started the class off by inquiring on the number of students who had completed the first lab or at least gave it a try. Most of the students had not but a few had done some of the questions. This was attributed mainly to lack of the necessary development tools i.e. JDK and Eclipse IDE. Our first task was to set up the necessary development environment and so we had the JDK and Eclipse installed on all the computers in the lab. We also gave the students copies of the JDK and Eclipse IDE so that they could use with their own computers.
Next Abel quickly recapped on interfaces as we had covered it on the previous class. Since the class was meant to be all practical Kirui proceeded to work with the students on some questions from the first lab with help from the students.  First was a demo on how to use Eclipse IDE and maximize on its features. By the end of the first exercise the students were thoroughly familiar with the IDE. The second exercise was more challenging as it involved creating a very simple encryption algorithm but we managed to do so.
With that our session was over. We gave out the second lab and encouraged the students to try it out as that was the main indicator that enabled us correctly gauge their progress.


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