Jkuat Endeavor: Java mobile application development – Day one

The 27th of May 2010 saw the beginning of another Jkuat Endeavor class but this time the previous students were now the instructors. This was the second class undertaken by the students of the first class. Before this was a class for some of the IT students which had been completed successfully.
The current class comprises of computer technology students in their third year of study. There are three tutors namely Omondi Edward, Abel Masai and Kirui Kennedy. The instructors are using the same curriculum used by first Endeavor class.
Omondi Edward started the class off with a brief explanation of what was going to be covered and what is expected from the students. He also encouraged the students to start formulating ideas for the project they will be expected to do in order to show that they successfully completed the course.
Next was Abel who covered the first part of the curriculum; Java Basics Highlights (Classes, methods, Generics, static fields and methods, exceptions) and interfaces. This was just a quick recap as most if not all students have programmed using Java before. He then gave the students the first lab. The main purpose of the first class was to access the students’ programming capabilities.


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