Between February and March tutors from the Jkuat Endeavor took some students from the department of computing through a training session on web development. This was still under the JKUAT Endeavor program which aims to empower students with skills they can use in the corporate world which may not have been necessarily covered in the normal classes. It also seeks to encourage the students to be entrepreneurs.
After the success of the first class organized by JLUG (Jkuat Linux Users Group) plans were made for another. The first class had covered java mobile application programming. The students from the last class were impressed by what they learnt in that class and so on the 29th of May this year another class commenced. This was a web class and the curriculum was borrowed from the original web class by JKUAT Endeavor.
The class consists of around 18 students mostly from the IT department but there is a student pursuing a degree in architecture. This was a great inclusion as most people perceive that the several education disciplines are not related but the fact is that in the real world they are. The head tutor for the class is Kirui K. Kennedy but as the class proceeds more tutors depending on their area of specialization will be introduced.
The classes are scheduled to run on every Saturday for the next six weeks.  At the end of it students are expected to come up with projects demonstrating what they learnt. However the projects are not limited to what they have learnt in class.
In the first class a brief introduction on what the course would cover was done. Next the students were given several tips on how they can market themselves online and also how they can make some money through doing free lance jobs. The next topic on the agenda was a brief discussion on the various development environments available for web designers. After that was a brief overview of HTML and CSS. The students were able to develop some basic web page layouts using CSS and HTML. With that we called it a day as we had covered what we had planned.

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