I am back….Okay now for real

My blog started off well but am ashamed of my traffic now. I have something to blame, the SCOSIT blog but I recently completed my tenure as the SCOSIT chairman and so I am now back to what I do best, blogging about technology.  Exams have also not been kind on me and we had a third project so I have had a lot on my hands. The good part is that I have learned a lot since the last time I blogged and I will be sharing them soon. Till then have a merry chrismas!


2 thoughts on “I am back….Okay now for real

  1. Hey Kirui,
    How are you doing? Hope you remember me. Have you got attachment? I want to give you a project that is mainly:
    Codeigniter 2.0
    Doctrine 2.0
    Codeigniter HMVC

    If you are interested. Please contact me on these email or

    • I do remeber you, am not that forgetful. I will be an intern at Verviant for that period. About the project hit me with all the details and a mockup if you have one and i will let u know. Thanks for considering me.

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