Mobile Monday with Dealfish: What you missed

For the first time ever I was at the *iHub before the event started. You probably are wondering which event in particular I am talking about; let me enlighten you. On Monday the 21st of March I was at the iHub for Mobile Monday. This was the first Momoke event for this month and most likely the last. The presentations for the day were

  • M-order – a social mobile ordering application
  • Flix – a mobile and social media movie guide
  • Mocality – free online directory in Kenya (Unfortunately they didn’t make it in time to present)
  • Dealfish (main presentation) – free classifieds site

J. Wesonga was not in the house and so we had a different MC for the day. I didn’t get hear his name as I was busy tweeting (Please let me know if you happen to read this). He started by welcoming everybody to the iHub and then invited John (of mLab) to the floor.

John informed the audience that the submission deadline for Pivot25 had been extended to the 15th of April. If you haven’t heard about Pivot25 refer to my last post. He encouraged the audience to participate in the competition even if the application one was doing was not fully done. He pointed out that most developers try to do an application till completion before they start marketing it.

M-order application flow

M-order application flow


John paved way for Hilda Moraa who was doing showcasing her app aptly named M-Order. Hilda is among the first graduates of the Safaricom Academy. M-order is a mobile application that allows consumers to order products of companies without having to go physically to the suppliers of the product. The application targets SMEs companies and aims to facilitate an efficient supply chain value and integrate a paperless system. To learn more about M-order you can check out their web site here and you can get the app on your phone by going to this URL: Hilda had a presentation but I have tried unsuccessfully to get it.

Next on the floor was the team from Flix comprising of Michael Pedersen (Plus People) and Mikul Shah (Eat Out, UP, Concierge Kenya). They had a cool presentation with the following introductory text

Flix presentation

Flix presentation

Flix is a mobile and social media movie guide. It shows cinema listings for cinemas in Kenya. Its goal is to be the most updated available cinema database in Kenya. Michael did a demo on how Flix works. Below is a screenshot of the landing page

flix landing page

Flix landing page

The project is a mobile web project and the reasons they chose mobile web are as follows

  • Faster development time
  • An app could not be self contained
  • They didn’t need inbuilt features
  • Could leverage existing platform

Flix also has a Facebook app. Before then I didn’t know you could do such an amazing application on Facebook. Below is a screenshot of the same and you can access it by visiting

Flix app on Facebook

Flix app on Facebook

The current channels you can access Flix from are

  • Mobile web
  • On a regular browser
  • Blackberry launcher
  • Iphone launcher
  • Bada application
  • Facebook version

You can use the Flix by pointing your phone browser to this URL: .I was able to get the Flix presentation and you can download it here.

Next was the main presentation for the day. Moses Kemibaro (@Moseskemibaro) a popular blogger and currently Regional Manager of took to the floor. Dealfish is a free online market place. A person can post an ad for free. It provides safe and transparent transaction between buyers and sellers.

Points to note

  • Dealfish has around 300k visits per month making the site among the most visited sites in Kenya in a space of 6 months…
  • 50 % of Dealfish’s traffic is through mobile phones. Talking of which, over 70% of those are through Nokia phones. Something for developers to think about..
  • According @Moseskemibaro, they are not yet sure on how to monetize their products and services. …Raising many questions about Kenyan internet users!
  • Transparency in pricing in Kenya is an issue. But it is assured bet that online Commerce will bring in transparency on pricing across the board in Kenya.

(The points to note have been borrowed from as I didn’t get the presentation by Kemibaro)

That was all for the day and the audience proceeded for the snacks. A big shout out to my boy Wendoh (@wendohw) for making it all the way from JKUAT and an apology for not posting any images, I didn’t have a camera. Cheers!


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