Lesson 2: Nothing comes on a silver plater

Rudisha, a hero in every Kenyan's eye

Rudisha, a hero in every Kenyan’s eye

*This is the second part of a series of posts I am doing about some six lessons I wish I had known better in school

Whenever I meet some of my colleagues or just friends they always remark that I am very lucky that I got a job immediately after finishing studies. Some go on and remark that they are looking for “any” job with no luck. Being the nice people we are we never actually say what is on our minds. Instead we choose to speak politically correct gibberish –> yea, I am very lucky bla bla bla bla.. I admit getting a job is one hell of a job but get this right, luck plays a very small role in that. It is more about 99% you and 1% luck

I have Rudisha photo up there for a reason. We always look at our athletes and remark on how they make easy money. I once heard someone remark that by just running Jelimo made 78 million (She did!). We choose to overlook the process and just look at the end result. (This reminds me of a joke which was doing rounds on twitter and mukuru kwa zuckerberg some time back, when people see a pregnant woman they are quick to congratulate her… I will not complete it, fill in the blanks.) Being an athlete is one of the hardest things in life. It requires a lot of discipline. If you knew how hard those guys train you would never envy them. Rudisha will go on the track and shred the competitors to pieces because of the preparation done before then.

Most students go through university with the thought that once they clear they will just land jobs. You have to prepare for this. You have to work hard and prove yourself even before you are given a chance. It is hard to get a paying job while in school but you should know that this is the only time you should really work for free. It is a chance to show what you can do given the chance. This is the reason as to why I never wanted to do my internship for a parastatal or the government, you will just sit around doing nothing. Instead I was at a start up where I was given much more responsibility. With that one chance I proved myself and I am back there now as an employee. It is good to have fun but when that is all that one does then it a cause for worry. Your internship is not the only chance to prove yourself, do your own projects or volunteer somewhere. I remember I used to sacrifice a lot of my weekends to go for hackathons. That is what built me. I am who I am now because of the hard work and determination I put in while in school.

Nothing comes on a silver plater, you have to put in the time and effort so let no one lie to you about that.



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