Lesson 6: Employers vs Employees

*This is the last part of a series of posts I am doing about some six lessons I wish I had known better in school

My dad has had the biggest influence in my life; he is my hero. He is the one person who has always told me like it is. He is not the strict kind of dad though, my mum was the one who disciplined us. I am still afraid of my mum, I always feel if I do something wrong she might just give me a serious whooping. My dad has never been employed in his entire life. He is the classic hustler, you will find him doing this today and when we do the Kenyan thing of copying everything he jumps to the next venture. If you don’t believe me just open a shop or something and within no time someone will open a shop with the exact painting. The only difference is the name and I guess that is because it is illegal.

My dad started simple, with a bike. He used to deliver goods to shops. From there he bought a pick up and his business grew. After sometime he was able to open a physical shop as before he used to hawk his stuff from the back of his truck. Next was an insurance company (after he did a diploma in an insurance related course). He ventured into much more things, I am not able to keep track of all of them.

My dad was born an entrepreneur, he was born an employer. His mind was never set to work for anyone, a little bit of that sprinkled on me. I have always had a dream of running my own company in the future, I have always dreamed of having a product out there in the market. For some people like a friend of mine their ultimate dream is getting a job at the UN.

What is your dream? Not everyone can be an employer nor everyone can be an employee. Someone has to hire another and vice-verse. Somehow students have been fed the idea that we must all be entrepreneurs or that we all need to work for someone. Find out the kind of person you are and be the best you can be!

*I was a bit under the weather this week otherwise this post would have been up earlier, my body had rebelled against me so I spent a considerable amount of time in bed. I have not recovered fully but slowly by slowly I am getting there. I am going to create a section on the blog and have all the lessons there.


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