About Me

What inspires me to blog? I have asked myself that question very many times. I guess it is the people around me, the things I see and hear from day to day. I guess it is the yearning to make a difference in people’s lives. So post by post I will try and do that, I know sometimes I might be derailed and just give stories but I hope you will forgive me for that. Sometimes I will go for a long time without posting but I still need to look for “unga” so I hope you will understand.


18 thoughts on “About Me

  1. @Kariuki, thanks man.will continue posting relevant stuff infact look out for tutorials on commonly asked such as connecting a j2me app to the internet, using tabs in html e.t.c

    • Sorry for taking so long to rep but i have finally managed to. I dont think it is possible but you can just start on your worpress blog and it will not take long before traffic picks up.

  2. Hi Kirui,

    I would like to engage you and your JKUAT counterparts in taking part in the Microsoft Imagine Cup competition.

    I think JKUAT have a good chance.

    Hit me an email, and will discuss further. vmugambi@microsoft.com

    Kind Regards,


  3. hey buddy, can you tell how to receive an sms using lwuit programming, a sample code would be really lovely…

    • Hey there! I am a bit tired up at the moment and hence can’t help. Kindly check out the lwuit forum, I am sure somebody has done that before. I haven’t tried it so I don’t have any sample code lying around

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