Code Igniter

After using Joomla and WordPress for some time I realised that it limited me in many ways. For simple client websites they work but a problem arises when you trying to come up with a web-based system as opposed to a web site.

After asking for advice from some of my friends who are web gurus I finally settled on Code Igniter.

Code igniter logoI chose Code Igniter mainly for the following reasons

  • It requires nearly zero configuration.
  • It does not require you to use the command line.
  • It is well documented.
  • Amazing support from online communities.
  • An amazing wiki
  • e.t.c

You can download Code Igniter here. There is plenty of support for Code Igniter but I found the following tutorials to be particularly helpful when I was starting

There are many other tutorials available on the net, just search them. If you face any problems big me up and I will help if I can


12 thoughts on “Code Igniter

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  2. @pollpaul,if you have some java or php knowledge it will not be a problem. If you face a problem you are free to ask for help.
    @wendohw Kohana is basically like CI but they are both good frameworks

    • And there is a new kid on the blog called Lavarel giving all the other frameworks a run for their money, I heard it is pretty nifty. I will definitely give it a test run soon.

    • I have used Yii but I didn’t like it much and so I reverted back to Codeigniter. I don’t have any experience with Laravel but based on the reviews it is getting it seems to be a great framework

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