A taste of Kilifi – Mnarani Club

For the first time in a long time (I think a year and a half) I finally went on vacation. On the evening of the 13th of November with a number of friends we boarded a bus heading to Mombasa and on the 14th caught a matatu heading to Kilifi. Our final destination was Mnarani Club in Kilifi. Being the first time going past Mtwapa I was pleasantly surprised at how green the area is. My assumption has always been that the coastal part of Kenya is sandy and not suitable for agriculture. Rows and rows of sisal plants greeted my eyes before the landscape changed to undulating hills with neatly planted crops spotted with a few palm trees. The matatu we boarded was old and rickety. When it started raining we quickly realised that we hadn’t chosen the best seats. The three of us seated at the back had to hunch forward to avoid droplets of water seeping in through the gaps between the boot’s door and the roof. The guy seated next to the door was worse off. The huge gap between the door and the chassis let in a steady stream of dirty water. Weren’t we glad when we arrived at our destination!
Before we left for Kilifi I had spent some time on the internet looking up Mnarani. Immediately we got there it became clear that the photos I found didn’t do it justice at all. The first view you will come across is what they call the infinity pool. It isn’t called that for nothing, from almost all angles you would think it goes all the way past the ocean.
They don't call it the infinity pool for nothing, it seems to go on beyond the horizon

They don’t call it the infinity pool for nothing, it seems to go on beyond the horizon

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